2D to 3D Conversions


Commercial 3D conversion work can be arranged for your new exciting 3D product. So if your organization could use a 3D conversion artist, just write and we can discuss our future together.

Whether your product involves the creation of stereo pairs for viewers, or anaglyphs for embedded pictures, I can help you create them. Cars2 3D Theater book
Cars2 3D Theater book
(uncredited conversions by yours truly-no royalties gained)

Wild Ocean 3D
2D/3D Stills Conversion

ARBY'S had a Deep Sea 3D cards and a handy viewer that have images I have converted. They were found at your local ARBY'S in their adventure meal packet.

FAZOLI's Italian Restaurants also offered a similar children's meal addition that had 3D conversions.

3D Stickers from Media Perspectives offeredkids stickers with anaglyph images.

Other exciting products are under development and will be announced in the very near future.

Send me an e-mail if you would like to speak with me about any commercial products you would like to have converted.

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