2D to 3D Conversion Anaglyphs (Red/Blue)

If you are coming from a Google search, you are probably wondering, "What in the world are these pictures?"
These are stereo conversions from regular photographs. The original left eye image was changed to create the new image for your right eye. When viewed properly the stereo effect will be created by your brain as it puts the two images together and fuses it into one stereo or 3D image. They can be viewed as either cross-eyed, parallel, or anaglyphic. My personal preference is the cross-eyed method. The easiest is the anaglyphic, assuming you have a pair of red/cyan glasses.
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Jim Long

Put on your red/cyan (blue) glasses

If you are in need of red/cyan glasses, you can get them from:
Rainbow Symphony or
Steve Berezin. I would recommend the Anachrome set for best viewing results.
or 3D Glasses - American Paper Optics

1778 John Singleton Copley - Brook Watson and the Shark - anaglyph version

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